Another Program ETI Units Support

RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is a U.S. ship-borne short-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapon system, primarily intended for defense against anti-ship missiles.

It is part of the Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) which links and automates standalone sensors and weapon systems to provide the required combat reaction.  A fiber optic local area network (LAN) connects ship sensors and weapon systems to:

  • Coordinate sensor integration
  • Identify and evaluate potential threats
  • Assess readiness of ship defenses
  • Execute specific tactical procedures.

While SSDS incorporates a high degree of automation through computerized embedded doctrine, the system also allows the commanding officer to maintain positive control over selected doctrine and weapons release.

ETI's systems are in use supporting this program, including examples below:

SSDS US Navy ETI0001-2228
SSDS USMC ETI0001-2228
SSDS  US Navy ETI0001-2228AA
SSDS  US Navy ETI0001-2228AC
SSDS Shipboard Systems US Navy ETI0001-2229
SSDS Shipboard Systems USMC ETI0001-2229
SSDS Shipboard Systems US Navy ETI0001-2229AG


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