CATBird for F35 Tests
Another Program ETI Units Support

Lockheed Martin's CATBird is a highly modified Boeing 737-330 avionics flight testbed aircraft. The name is an acronym, from "Cooperative Avionics Test Bed"; coincidentally, CATBIRD is Lockheed's ICAO-designated company callsign. The aircraft was modified to develop and flight test the avionics suite for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. CATBird has a distinctive appearance, with an F-35's nose and a pair of small canards located just aft of the forward entrance doors. Inside, the aircraft is equipped with racks to hold all of F-35's avionics, as well as an F-35 cockpit.

ETI's power systems are in use providing backup power, conditioning and frequency conversion aboard the aircraft.


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