U2 Ground Systems:
Another Program ETI Units Support

The U-2S reconnaissance aircraft continues to serve America. Current U-2s are equipped with the latest signals intelligence (SIGINT), measurement & signature intelligence (MASINT) and imagery intelligence (IMINT) sensors in the USAF. The U-2 supports intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR) requirements in all weather, day or night, and is able to dynamically task sensors within seconds on emergent, time-critical targets.

A Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) is linked to the U-2 through various communications architectures and plans target decks and processes data for immediate action. Time-sensitive and highly perishable intelligence is provided to Command to enhance situational awareness, identify geo-political warnings and indications, oversee the battlefield, and provide post-strike damage assessments. While early models of the U-2 began service in the mid-1950s, production of today’s U-2S fleet was completed in the late 1980s.

Each U-2S can carry a large, 5,000 pound payload of cameras, sensors and data links.

At current utilization rates, it is capable of sustaining service through 2050 and beyond. Key investments over the last 15 years include:

  • Multiple data links including satellite communications
  • Digital multi-functional display cockpit
  • Seven-band multi-spectral digital cameras (SYERS-2)
  • Enhanced radar sensors (ASARS-2)
  • Enhanced SIGINT sensors
ETI supports this aircraft with backup power systems for critical ground based equipment.

U2 Ground Systems ETI0001-2228AG

U2 Spy Plane

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