VIP (Heads of State) High Reliability Transport Support Modules

example of a case mounted product

ETI worked with VIP cabinet member aircraft, for the office of Donald Rumsfeld, out of Wright Paterson AFB during the Bush administration to develop a special transportable module for air travel.

The VIP system (code name VIPER) is placed on Air Force transport aircraft (C130,C147,C5A) equipped with a VIP support module. This system takes aircraft power (120VAC/400Hz) and converts it to commercial product power (120VAC/60Hz). Additionally it provides backedup aircraft power (120VAC/400Hz) to ensure noninterruption of critical secure communication equipment installed in the VIP module.

Additionally the system is able to use worldwide power (220VAC/50Hzand/ or 120VAC/50Hz) and convert it tocommercial product power (120VAC/60Hz) while the VIP module is on foreign soil. This allows the VIP module to have only one type of critical communication equipment (120VAC/60Hz) allowing the module to be dispatched at a moments notice.

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